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Non-compliant EPCs and building works should not jeopardise EPBD goals

Peter Wouters
Page 05

Maximizing building energy efficiency: Ensuring quality of works

Hans Erhorn, Heike Erhorn-Kluttig, Susanne Geissler & Peter Wouters
Pages 07 - 09

Improving compliance of building energy performance certificates

François Durier, Susanne Geissler & Peter Wouters
Pages 11 - 14

ES-SDA: validated shading data for new build and renovation

Ann Van Eycken & Dave Bush
Pages 15 - 17

Cool Roofs in the European context

Kostas Gobakis, Afroditi Synnefa, Heinz Meier, Russel Evans, Denia Kolokotsa & Mattheos Santamouris
Pages 19 - 24

QUALICHeCK Overview of EPC compliance and quality issues on the ground

Jarek Kurnitski, Kalle Kuusk & Raimo Simson
Pages 25 - 28

QUALICHeCK International Workshop on summer comfort technologies in buildings: content and major outcomes

François Rémi Carrié, Theoni Karlessi & Mat Santamouris
Pages 29 - 30

Announcement QUALICHeCK Brussels and Lyon workshops

Page 31

A summary of QUALICHeCK Factsheets

Pages 33 - 34

CEN and ISO standards on energy performance of buildings

Jaap Hogeling
Pages 35 - 39

Performance Risk Assessment– Application Example for Large Atria

P.J.H. Wackers, M.G.L.C. Loomans, T.A.J. van Goch & J.L.M. Hensen
Pages 40 - 44

Improved characterization of water-to-water heat pumps part load performance

Elena Fuentes, David Waddicor & Jaume Salom
Pages 45 - 49

The Ecodesign Preparatory Study on Smart Appliances

Koen Vanthournout & Sarah Bogaert
Page 49

“Inert” evaporative cooling using a minimum of water

P.G.H. Uges
Pages 50 - 53

Very high efficiency evaporatively cooled mini-split AC condenser

D. Parker
Pages 54 - 55

Discover a top European Third-party certification body dedicated to guaranteeing worldwide consumers comfort and satisfaction via product performance certification

Erick Melquiond
Pages 57 - 59

Completion of the “Technology and Innovation Center” Aiming for New Value Creation as a Core Base for Technology Development (PDF)

Page 72

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