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EPB standards under Systematic Review and update expected to improve the alignment with EPBD IV

Jaap Hogeling
Pages 5 - 5

CLIMA 2022 conference papers on the theme Digitization

Pages 6 - 6

Integrating BIM, BMS and IoT data on the Web

Lasitha Chamari, Ekaterina Petrova, Pieter Pauwels
Pages 7 - 12

Reinforcement learning for the occupant-centric operation of residential energy system

Amirreza Heidari, François Maréchal, Dolaana Khovalyg
Pages 13 - 18

A novel machine learning approach to predict short-term energy load for future low-temperature district heating

Thomas Ohlson Timoudas, Yiyu Ding, Qian Wang
Pages 19 - 24

From BIM databases to Modelica – Automated simulations of heating systems

Esben Visby Fjerbæka, Mikki Seidenschnura, Ali Kücükavci, Kevin Michael Smith, Christian Anker Hviid
Pages 26 - 31

Assessment of fouling in plate heat exchangers using classification machine learning algorithms

Seyit Ahmet Kuzucanli, Ceren Vatansever, Alp Emre Yasar, Ziya Haktan Karadeniz
Pages 32 - 37

Remote refrigerant leakage detection system for chillers and VRFs

Shunsuke Kimura, Michio Moriwaki, Manabu Yoshimi, Shohei Yamada, Takeshi Hikawa, Shinichi Kasahara
Pages 38 - 43

Control device for pumping one-pipe hydronic systems

Jiří Dostál, Tomáš Bäumelt, Jiří Cvrček
Pages 45 - 51

BIM-based tools for energy-efficiency renovations

Dimitrios Rovas
Pages 52 - 55

How accurate are current CO₂ and PM sensors used in Dutch schools?

Vinayak Krishnan, Hailin Zheng, Marcel Loomans, Shalika Walker, Wim Zeiler
Pages 56 - 61

New possibilities with EPBD revision for ventilation systems

Jan Behrens
Pages 63 - 65

Cracking the myths about propane

Alessandro Pinato, Fabio Polo
Pages 67 - 68

ISH 2023: Solutions for a sustainable future

Pages 69 - 70

REHVA Brussels Summit Report: Policy Conference on Zero Emission Buildings & REPowerEU

Jasper Vermaut
Pages 74 - 77

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