Table of content 15 chapters


Humidity of indoor air needs attention

Jaap Hogeling
Pages 5 - 5

Relative humidity effects on viruses and human responses

Jarek Kurnitski, Pawel Wargocki, Amar Aganovic
Pages 07 - 12

The nose – our personal high-performance air conditioning system and mighty protector

Walter Hugentobler
Pages 13 - 14

Dry indoor climate – Why and how to prepare for the next cold season?

Mikael Börjesson, Petra Vladykova Bednarova, Silvia Petroni
Pages 15 - 17

Clearing up a few myths in humidity recovery

Timo Schreck
Pages 18 - 21

Key Considerations when Planning Humidification Systems

Christian Bremer
Pages 22 - 24

Cooling energy recovery

William Lawrance
Pages 25 - 27

Relative humidity in the indoor air – impact on indoor air quality and means of control

Timo Schreck
Pages 28 - 31

Numerical simulation of thermal environment at different relative humidity levels in one operating room of St. Olav’s hospital

Tomáš Fečer, Thea Solberg Hatten, Yang Bi, Guangyu Cao
Pages 32 - 36

Indoor humidity of dwellings in a northern climate

Theofanis Psomas, Despoina Teli, Sarka Langer, Pawel Wargocki
Pages 37 - 40

Optimising thermostat settings in school and office buildings for thermal comfort, cognitive performance and energy efficiency

David P. Wyon, Pawel Wargocki
Pages 41 - 47

Influence of building typology on Indoor humidity regulation

Suchi Priyadarshani, Monto Mani, Daniel Maskell
Pages 48 - 52

Naturally air-conditioned nearly zero-energy housing: The Earth, Wind & Fire Case Study

Yamini Patidar, Regina Bokel
Pages 56 - 61

Indoor Environmental Quality Analysis of 3D Printed House

Karel Kabele, Zuzana Veverková, Pavla Dvořáková
Pages 63 - 72

Working Together for Improvements in the Indoor Environment

Donald Weekes
Pages 73 - 74

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