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Health & Comfort

Jaap Hogeling
Pages 4 - 4

CLIMA 2022 conference papers on the theme HEALTH & COMFORT

Pages 5 - 5

Evaluation of preventive measures in mitigating the risk of airborne infection of COVID-19

Yunus Emre Cetin, Martin Kriegel
Pages 7 - 11

Aerosol transmission in rotary wheel heat exchangers

Heinrich Huber, Thomas Richter, Florian Brzezinski, Michael Riediker
Pages 12 - 16

Development of a non-contact modular screening clinic (NCMSC) for COVID-19

Jinkyun Cho, Jinho Kim, Jongwoon Song, Seungmin Jang
Pages 18 - 22

Thermal inactivation of the corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) in air volumes

André Schlott, Thomas Hutsch, Eileen Sauer, Jens Wetschky
Pages 24 - 30

Health and energy assessment of a demand controlled mechanical extraction ventilation system

Janneke Ghijsels, Klaas De Jonge, Jelle Laverge
Pages 31 - 39

Low-temperature radiant cooling panel for hot and humid climate

Gongsheng Huang, Nan Zhang, Yuying Liang
Pages 40 - 45

Impact of future climate on the performances of ground-source cooling system

Abantika Sengupta, Pieter Proot, Tom Trioen, Hilde Breesch, Marijke Steeman
Pages 46 - 54

A Multi-Domain Approach to Explanatory and Predictive Thermal Comfort Modelling in Offices

Eugene Mamulova, Henk W. Brink, Marcel G. L. C. Loomans, Roel C. G. M. Loonen, Helianthe S. M. Kort
Pages 56 - 61

Exploring futures of summer comfort in Dutch households

Lenneke Kuijer, Lada Hensen Centnerová
Pages 63 - 68

Correlation of subjective and objective air quality data in shopping centres as a function of air temperature and relative humidity

Mahmoud El-Mokadem, Kai Rewitz, Dirk Müller
Pages 69 - 74

Cross-infection risk between two people standing close to each other at different room temperatures

Peter V. Nielsen
Pages 75 - 75

Smart air quality control in residences for optimised energy use and improved health of occupants

Elizabeth Cooper, Yan Wang
Pages 76 - 80

Why a unified IAQ approach is critical to securing public health

Morten Schmelzer
Pages 81 - 83

Next-Generation Energy Performance Certificates. What novel implementation do we need?

Lina Seduikyte, Phoebe-Zoe Morsink-Georgali, Christiana Panteli, Panagiota Chatzipanagiotidou, Koltsios Stavros, Dimosthenis Ioannidis, Laura Stasiulienė, Paulius Spūdys, Darius Pupeikis, Andrius Jurelionis, Paris Fokaides
Pages 84 - 88

Healthy Homes Design Competition: “reTHINK living”

Caroline Reich, Amelie Reiser
Pages 89 - 93

Tiny Homes – A Tiny solution to a big problem

Laura Denoyelle
Pages 94 - 97

Meet the BIM-SPEED Competition Winners & Finalists

Jasper Vermaut
Pages 98 - 101

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